GCSEs – When should revision start? & Top tips.

When should GCSE revision start? The big question – and remember everyone is different.

You should begin revision at least six months in advance of your GCSE exams. The amount of time spent revising as well as the revision focus and dedication should increase at the three-month mark, then again at the one month mark and two-week mark.

Last-minute revision is often about regurgitating the main facts, figures and quotes about a particular topic. At this stage, it’s too late to begin understanding them and digesting additional information.

Getting organised –

We would suggest this starts at the beginning of year 11. Your child’s school will give out lots of information like – revision timetables, how to revise, extra work needed in different subjects – however getting organised from the off set will make the whole process so much easier.

We really like – A Parents Guide To Education” who recently won “Best New Business” in The Telegraph Business Excellence Awards.
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The list goes on! The GCSE Toolkit helps you to get organised. You can find it here


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