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By the end of 2017, every police force in the UK will have Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) in one form or another. Some are known by a different name, but all police cadet groups operate to the Aims and Principles of the Volunteer Police Cadets. There are opportunities for all young people aged 13 – 18 years old to support their local communities.

Most cadet units have a local school or college as their base, making it a very accessible place for young people to attend.

Whilst every VPC unit offers fantastic opportunities for all young people, they may have different ways of providing those opportunities. There will be a great mix of like-minded young people reflecting the diversity of their local community participating in:

  • Developing their life skills
  • Meeting new friends
  • Social events
  • Learning about British policing
  • Sporting activities
  • Force-wide, UK-wide and even international opportunities

Many VPC units also offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme for their cadets and leaders. The VPC has developed a series of workbooks to assist cadets’ understanding of British policing.

The VPC understands that most young people want to do something constructive for their own community. We are the only uniformed group that expects young people to volunteer an average of 3 hours a month in support of local policing and community inspired social action. We will help and support you to lead your own social action projects. The VPC has developed a social action workbook and course to give you the necessary skills so that you and your friends can really make a difference in your community.

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