Qualification Essential Digital Skills for Everyday Life Entry Level 3 (January) (Evening)

The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London

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About the course

This qualification is designed to give you the skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in using computers in everyday life. “You will learn: 1- Using Devices and Handling Information – This skills area covers a basic understanding of hardware, software, operating systems and commonly used applications. Learners will develop fundamental digital skills by learning how to manage and store information, and identify and solve simple technical issues. 2- Creating and Editing – Learners will first learn to create and edit documents before moving on to creating and editing other types of digital media, such as images, audio files and videos. Eventually, learners will be taught to use applications to edit, enhance and format different types of information for a range of purposes and audiences. 3. Communication – The communication skills area requires learners to demonstrate an understanding of electronic communications, such as email and video calls. Learners will gain awareness and be able to use digital communication for a range of contexts and audiences. 4. Transacting – This skills area involves the ability to complete and submit an online form, comply with digital verification checks, and purchase an item or service online. Eventually, learners will learn to compare products against other available online options and manage their transactional account settings. 5. Being Safe and Responsible Online – The final skills area is to understand the importance of digital wellbeing, and learners will learn about being responsible online. activity. *You can enrol on our new FREE distance learning courses from the comfort of your own home, with teaching taking place online. All you’ll need is a computer (laptop or PC, Windows or Mac), tablet or smartphone, and access to the internet. Teaching takes place through Microsoft Teams, which is available for free download – we’ll send you more information once you’ve enrolled.”

What will I need?

All applicants must have an initial assessment and interview to confirm that the course is suitable for them.

Please be prepared to provide your residency documents such as a passport, EU citizen ID card, UK Birth Certificate or Biometric Card. If you have been in the UK for less than 3 years or have entered the UK with a visa you will need to provide evidence that you are eligible to study in the UK – your visa, your biometric card that covers the duration of your course or any relevant home office documents to support your residency should all be provided. If you’re an EUEEA or Swiss citizen we will need to see evidence of ‘Pre-Settled’ or ‘Settled-status’ documents. Also for funding purposes we would need to see evidence of payslips if working (within the last 3 months). If you are receiving benefits (e.g JSA, ESA, Universal Credit (UC), Housing benefits etc. please provide evidence of this).

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Only candidates can apply for this job.
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