Our Ambassadors

Charmain Bucho

Charmain is an established manager, teacher and coach with extensive experience in leadership, strategy and product development across a broad range of markets, services, and audiences.  With over 25 years/ experience of working in the Education and Training sector, currently working within an awards organisation, shes committed to equality and the systemic changes needed to make diversity and inclusion a core to the organisational culture to help make them a ‘workplace of choice’.  She currently leads the Racial Equality intervention with a focus on intersectionality, to identify and address over time, the strategic, team and individual challenges needed to build an effective Inclusion and Diversity strategy for greater staff, customer and community engagement and business excellence.

Also an experienced coach in enabling neurodivergent individuals to flourish in work and society, Charmain is a co-founder of Auternative Coaching which supports families and caregivers …….READ MORE

Karen Martin

Karen Martin is the editor of the BBC’s most successful podcast, the Global News Podcast and runs a team of journalists covering breaking news 24/7 for World Service Radio. She is passionate about helping young people reach their potential and to give them the skills and confidence they need to break into careers they think “are not for people like me”. She launched a BAME apprenticeship scheme for BBC Radio and its graduates have gone on to pursue successful careers both on and off air in BBC TV, radio and podcasts. Karen worked her way up from a trainee reporter role in a local newspaper and was rejected ten times from the BBC before getting her dream job. Her motto is: “Give it a go; what’s the worst that could happen?”

Lawrence Thor-Stephen

Lawrence-Thor Stephen is the founder director of Thor’s Trees, a fast growing, multi-award winning arboricultural company providing services to both domestic and private sector clients. He has continued to develop his craft and brand whilst embracing a passion for entrepreneurship, business development and helping individuals find the best possible version of themselves in their journey through business and personal ventures.

As a teenager Lawrence felt like a completely lost child. His education hadn’t properly prepared him and he found himself in an environment of failure. He knew that he wasn’t academically minded and knew that he loved extreme sports and the outdoors. Luckily his mum noticed an advertisement in a local paper for a course in ‘Arboriculture and Forestry’ at Capel Manor College. He went along to the open day and  knew immediately that it was for him. He studied there for two years and left with a qualification but also a craft….READ MORE

Sonoko Obuchi

Japanese born multimedia artist Sonoko Obuchi was the first ever artist in residence for the Historic Royal Palaces (Kensington Palace & Tower of London). There she produced a contemporary art film that connected Londoners who live in council flats to the palaces through their architectural similarities.

The artwork became part of their permanent collection in 2009

She was appointed as a gallery curator of Novas homeless charity, curating and representing artworks of under-represented artists, and collaborated with Bethlem Royal Hospital, curating and exhibiting the artworks of its patients.

Sonoko had been a stage set designer for Millfield Theatre’s Annual Pantomime  for 11 years …….  READ MORE

Andreas Stewart

Hi allow me to introduce myself, I am a bi-racial male born in the 70’s grew up in the 80’s. That era has significantly shaped my world view, being exposed to injustice, inequality and discrimination from a young age, while challenging and at times painful, has instilled within me a resilience, a compassion for people and a determination to do differently. We shape the world we live in by the way we live and relate to each other.

Now more than ever in a rapidly changing world what we do and how we respond to these challenges both as individuals and the wider community matters. The last few years have shown how working together can and does make a difference.

I qualified in 1997 from Reading University as a Community and Youth Worker and spent the proceeding years working for long standing established Charities ……. READ MORE 

Lorna Graham

Lorna’s creative skills include producing live shows and events. Previously, she held the post of Community Engagement Ambassador for Enfield Councils ‘Festivals and Events’ due to her planning skills that brought together the various intergenerational cultures.  Along with her programming skills and an eye for spotting creative talents, Lorna provided a platform at live events and theatre shows for young people to showcase their various talents. Additionally, Lorna also saw the need to support and provide opportunities for everyone to learn not just acting or dance skills or gain performance opportunities, but other skills that relate to working within the events sector such as stewarding, stage management and hospitality to name just a few. Lorna also advocates for talented young creatives from all back grounds including those from neurodiverse backgrounds….READ MORE

Colin Lee – Own

Unemployment levels in Edmonton are among the highest in London, with jobs that are available often offering insecure, unreliable and low-paid work.

Two years ago Colin Lee-Own wanted to do something and established a social enterprise, 21K Digital Media, with the aim of equipping young people with the skills they need to start successful, fulfilling careers. Colin has become the voice supporting young people in London, pulling people together to look at opportunities and progression routes.

A former soldier who served in Northern Ireland, Colin wanted to give something back to Edmonton.  Colin said “I loved the Edmonton community spirit growing up in the 1970s, but it is now one of the most deprived areas in London and that breaks my heart.

Bernadette Lappage

Bernadette Lappage served as local councillor at the London Borough of Enfield from 1998 to 2002 and again from 2010 to 2021.

Bernadette has a deep rooted passion for the welfare of the community and served as Cabinet Member for Children’s and Adult Services (1999-2002), responsible for supporting and safeguarding the children and adults that needed care in our community. During that time she served as Lead Member for Health and Social Care (2000-2002) for the Association of London Government, coordinating policy and services across London.

Bernadette was able to engage in her deep concern for children in care becoming a Fostering panel member between October 2014 and April 2019……READ MORE

Lisa Seagroatt

Lisa Seagroatt is Founder and Managing Director of HR Fit for Purpose which is an award-winning HR consultancy based in Enfield.  She is also a published Author.

She has lived in the Enfield all her life and was educated in the borough.  For the past three years she has volunteered as an Enterprise Advisor for Enfield County Girls School, helping prepare young people for the workplace.  Having received very little support and guidance in terms of her own career options and how to transition from education into the workplace, Lisa wanted to use her own personal experience and professional expertise to help younger people prepare for ‘life after school’.

Lisa launched her HR consultancy business in January 2017….. READ MORE

Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson is enterprising, straight-talking, and pragmatic leader, with a proven record of delivery of tangible, measurable outcomes. He is an experienced community-centred leader and a former careers adviser, having worked across schools and colleges and holds the Diploma in Careers Guidance. He is the former Deputy Leader of Enfield Council, and a trustee of the Southgate Cultural Fund, which offers financial assistance for young people in need.  ……..READ MORE

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