Andreas Stewart

Hi allow me to introduce myself, I am a bi-racial male born in the 70’s grew up in the 80’s. That era has significantly shaped my world view, being exposed to injustice, inequality and discrimination from a young age, while challenging and at times painful, has instilled within me a resilience, a compassion for people and a determination to do differently. We shape the world we live in by the way we live and relate to each other.

Now more than ever in a rapidly changing world what we do and how we respond to these challenges both as individuals and the wider community matters. The last few years have shown how working together can and does make a difference.

I qualified in 1997 from Reading University as a Community and Youth Worker and spent the proceeding years working for long standing established Charities with a proven track record of championing children rights, including Commission for Racial Equality; Coram ; Praxis; Depaul Trust and Shaftesbury Young People and have continued to remain passionate about the challenges faced by young people. I have considerable experience in developing strong positive relationships with all invested partners and have remained actively engaged in my wider community.

In 2011 I was fortunate enough to secure a placement with Haringey Council on their post-graduation scheme for social workers and I returned to education to undertake a post graduate master’s in social work at Middlesex University, qualifying in Jan 2012. I am a credible and highly effective leader with a proven track record of delivering transformational change. I have an explicit understanding of the legislative and regulatory framework governing social work practice. Having worked across children services from the front door to Leaving care I have a good understanding of the journey through care for a child.

On a personal note, I have a deep commitment to social justice and believe strongly that the strength of a community and the wider society is fundamentally linked to those that are less fortunate and it is only by supporting and enabling individuals, families, and communities to be fully engaged and empowered to make positive life choices that a community and society can thrive and reach its full potential.  Social equality benefits us all. Being a father of 3 children who have now grown into wonderful kind caring and driven young adults I know that the future relies on the next generation leading change that protects the environment, encourages commerce with a social conscience and embraces diversity, compassion, understanding and tolerance. We are after all stronger together.

I feel honoured and humbled to be asked to take up an ambassador’s role for “What To Do Now” and am confident that with the drive, passion and determination of its founder Emma and Paul this will be a positive force for change.