Charmain Bucho

Charmain is an established manager, teacher and coach with extensive experience in leadership, strategy and product development across a broad range of markets, services, and audiences.  With over 25 years/ experience of working in the Education and Training sector, currently working within an awards organisation, shes committed to equality and the systemic changes needed to make diversity and inclusion a core to the organisational culture to help make them a ‘workplace of choice’.  She currently leads the Racial Equality intervention with a focus on intersectionality, to identify and address over time, the strategic, team and individual challenges needed to build an effective Inclusion and Diversity strategy for greater staff, customer and community engagement and business excellence.

Also an experienced coach in enabling neurodivergent individuals to flourish in work and society, Charmain is a co-founder of Auternative Coaching which supports families and caregivers in understanding challenges across the autism spectrum.  She believes in the power of coaching and how it can transform lives by developing clearer thinking to take the right action to improve daily lives. It’s a privilege to help and support individuals to reach their full potential and use my knowledge and understanding of autism and strategies that can really make positive impact.

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