Lawrence Thor-Stephen

Lawrence-Thor Stephen is the founder director of Thor’s Trees, a fast growing, multi-award winning arboricultural company providing services to both domestic and private sector clients. He has continued to develop his craft and brand whilst embracing a passion for entrepreneurship, business development and helping individuals find the best possible version of themselves in their journey through business and personal ventures.

As a teenager Lawrence felt like a completely lost child. His education hadn’t properly prepared him and he found himself in an environment of failure. He knew that he wasn’t academically minded and knew that he loved extreme sports and the outdoors. Luckily his mum noticed an advertisement in a local paper for a course in ‘Arboriculture and Forestry’ at Capel Manor College. He went along to the open day and  knew immediately that it was for him. He studied there for two years and left with a qualification but also a craft.

Following on from that he worked in the arboricultural industry working with a range of companies from small ‘one man band’ companies up to being one of the top climbers in one of the largest tree surgery companies in the UK.  Following on from that in 2015, he started hies own company ‘Thor’s Trees’, which is now considered to be on of London’s most respected Arboricultural companies

His life experience has given him a passion to give back to my community, supporting a range of local charities and organisations from local food banks through to one-to-one mentorship programmes that support young people at risk. Lawrence would like his story to inspire young people who feel lost to find their own way  and have the confidence in themselves to succeed.

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