What is Clearing and how to use it to find your University place

Clearing is a helpful process run by UCAS that helps you find and apply for university courses when your exam results are out.

If you don’t get the grades you need for the course you want, Clearing gives you a chance to find a place on another course at the same or a different university. Even if you haven’t already applied to university this year, you can still apply through Clearing to get a place.

There are many universities with places in Clearing. Even some of the top-ranked universities have places available. Clearing is basically about deciding where you want to go for the next few years of your life, so take some time to research your options before contacting a university.

Why would I need to use clearing?

If your grades are not high enough to meet the requirements of the universities you chose as your first and second choices, the most common reason to use Clearing is to find alternative options.

There are other reasons why people use Clearing as well:

  • If you change your mind about the courses or universities you originally applied to and want to apply to different ones.
  • If you applied before June 30 but didn’t receive any offers.
  • If you applied after June 30, you will automatically be considered for Clearing.

Sometimes, even if you don’t achieve the exact grades required, you may still be accepted by the university. For example, if the required grades were BBB but you got BBC, you might still have a chance.

It’s also important to know that if you are not satisfied with your A-level exam grade, you have the option to retake the exam next year.

When is Clearing in 2023?

Clearing begins in early July every year. Once Clearing opens, you’re able to search through available courses. But the majority of applications that are made through Clearing happen after exam results are published.

This year, A-level results day is on Thursday 17 August 2023 and the deadline for Clearing is 17 October 2023.

Keep in mind that any places available on popular courses at the highest-ranked universities will be filled quickly within a day or two – so don’t wait around!

How to prepare for Clearing before results day.

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